Thursday, October 22, 2009

Many basic or complex shapes and colors everywhere...!

Here's some more shots, featuring color, line, or form, as much as balloons. I must give credit for my picture numbered -02067, to our family friend, Ellen C.*, who met us in ABQ for this event. In the Balloon Museum, I didn't see the opposite side of the silvery balloon mock-up shown in my earlier shot, number -02060, until Ellen showed me her shot of it on her camera's viewer. I was compelled by her excellent shot, to walked back around the balloon and frame up one also. What you see is a view of the balloon sliced in half to show the interior of the combination helium gas/hot air filled balloon and structure of the "Bud Light Spirit of Freedom" balloon, which set various world records, including for solo round-the world flight, by Steve Fossett, back in 2002.
*(Full name to be release with permission).