Sunday, April 11, 2010

Amana Colonies, Iowa

Here are some new photos from a recent trip to Amana Colonies, Iowa.
There were some great subjects in these old rural settings. Some images have the contrast or colors tweaked, but the flat lighting and old wood made for mostly low contrast images and few highlights or dramatic colors in the outside shots.
The close-up shots of blue spools of thread were shot while the spools were in a large cardboard box, and my eyes keep the colors true, but the reflected brown fill light inside the box left me with photographs of spools looking almost gray, so I pushed the blue colors back in with Photoshop.
The one other "photoshopped" image, (of brightly colored woolen mittens from the Wool Mill), was a slightly blurry image, so a Photoshop filter effect and enhanced colors has helped save a shot otherwise destined for the "out-take" bin. It was fun capturing the "ordinary everyday world" in someone else's world, that became a great photo-playground in mine!