Thursday, October 22, 2009

Balloons! Fiesta! Fireworks! And even more ballooning sights.

Winds were up too much for Balloon Glow events on the evening of Saturday, Oct. 3rd , but that didn't stop some fireworks from adding to the festivities. These shots, basically in sequential order too, include sunset, moonrise over the Sandia Mts., fireworks, a light-rope-(like from Christmas-time), -on-a-pole. Sunrise over the Sandia's the next morning, with mountain and cloud shadows being cast over the Albuquerque area from the sunrise, then moonset photos, with balloon shots taken from on the upper balcony of the Balloon Museum, which was also an awesome vantage point and foreground setting for the balloons and mountains. Balloons are awesome, but having good foregrounds or backgrounds to frame up the balloon pictures is important too. (Look for another of my "framed" balloon shots on, in the "travel" catagory).

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