Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Contact Sheets", due to quantity of pics taken on trip...

Since I shot over 900 pictures, (digital), and 2 rolls of film, plus some video on my recent trip to Albuquerque, NM, for the Balloon Fiesta, I've uploaded only "contact sheets" to start with. (night-time glowing "Intel" balloon in the air is first set of shots).
I'll put up some higher rez photos as I can.
Two of the photos of one of the balloons (in mid air), show a black and color striped balloon that looks a bit collapsed while in the air... That's because it crashed into a vendor's tent on the edge of the field, followed by one person falling out and the balloon rapidly ascending. The pilot must vent air to avoid crashing into any balloons above it, (which, if there would be one there, the pilot can't see it from in the gondola), and then the balloon falls rapidly.... This one fell from about 300 feet, and fortunately the pilot was only slightly injured, and the ejected passenger suffered only a dislocated hip, in this mishap.
Everything else went well, other than some events getting cancelled... (Note some of the photos of flags standing straight out in the winds. Not conducive to balloon flying!
Albuquerque is awesome! The Balloon Fiesta is awesome! The Sandia's are awesome!
(As Arnold says, "I'll be back"!).

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  1. Hey Dad-

    Cool stuff!! It's fun to see all the variety and colors of the balloons.

    Just curious--
    would it be possible to make the contact sheet that surrounds the photos black instead of white?
    Might help pop the colors out even more!