Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NOT so Itsy-Bitsy!

I just had to capture a shot of this spider, much like it has just captured it's next meal! (It looked well-fed already though, with its body the size of a large grape or cherry tomato)!
I saw this auspicious arachnid while I was cooking steaks out on the grill a few nights ago.
While my steaks were sizzling, the auto-focusing assist beam helped me to zoom in and focus on my spider, isolated nicely against a dark night sky, while he prepared his own meal in his web up near the edge of my patio roof.
I suppose he enjoyed his meal about as much as I enjoyed mine, but he may have had to endure the after-effects of a blindingly bright camera flash in all eight of his eyes! I wonder if spiders get headaches when they fall prey to a little macro-photography?

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