Saturday, March 21, 2009

"F/8 and be there"

  This Photo blog site is in honor of my Dad, who passed away on the first day of this year, 2009. He started honing his photography skills as an Army Private in Occupied Japan, working in the darkroom, developing pictures and prints of the Japanese War Crime trials.
 I first became serious about photography when I began using his old TLR, (Twin Lens Reflex), Rolliflex 2-1/4" square format camera. I hope the images you find here are a motivation for you to go out and take pictures.  Share your "minds' eye", with the world. Photography is such a cool way to show your views of the world around you, and see how others see their world.
  One of the best pieces of advice I was given in a college photo class was to use the photojournalists rule: 
"F/8 and BE THERE". It means, if you're going to get that once in a life-time picture, you need to always have your camera with you, have the shutter speed set to 1 over the closest number to your "film speed", (1/125 for ISO 100 film, 1/250 for 200 ISO, etc.), and set your aperture to f/8.  This is your baseline  for "normal daylight exposure".  Then if lighting or shutter speed need to be adjusted for cloudy, or bright snow, or beach, or indoors, or fast action, you've got your starting point for any film speed you've loaded. Most digital cameras allow "ISO speed" adjusting, (+/- exposure), so you can still change your light meter sensitivity in a similar fashion to changing film speed in a film camera. 

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